Day 4 Of Our Vegas Trip

Monday, November 1, 2010

Today was another long day, and we`ve been eating supper late too-like 9pm and later.. the 2 hour time difference has us both all messed up with our schedules- both with eating and sleeping.

We  drove to Red Rock Canyon today- about half hour outside of the city..sightseeing.It`s a 13 mile scenic drive of canyon and dessert plants- we made quite a few stops and really enjoyed the change of pace from the city life.Saw many hikers and bikers along the road. (Cost: $7 entrance fee.)

Saw the Phantom—The Las Vegas Spectacular  this evening- front row seats. Absolutely the best show we`ve seen.  Vegas must see.The cast were amazing and the orchestra really needs commending as well.Totally is awe at the whole show and the ending brought a tear to my eye.
The Phantom of the Opera can been seen at the Venetian Resort and Casino.

We also enjoyed the Titanic Artifact and the Bodies Exhibition- both side by side at the Luxor- making things quite convenient.
If your a Titanic fan, or had seen the movie, this exhibit is a must see.
The Bodies Exhibit show alot about the human body- with actual bodies being used to show you all our insides and our outsides.

All in all a great day.Weather has been so nice- almost 80 today I believe.Keep passing by the pool thinking it would be great to go lay there and get a few rays, but our schedule of reviews and sightseeing is keeping us quite busy.
Quite nice to be away from the snow we have at home though, and not looking forward to seeing that again.

Will post more on our travels again so stay tuned....


  1. It sounds like you're staying busy and having a great time!

  2. Yes, and very tired from all the running around and trying to keep up the blog too.


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