Today's Quick Tip for Cat Owners

Thursday, November 11, 2010

From my mom:

Cat Owners:  I have six cats, mostly stay inside.....don't forget that even though cats are strictly carnivores they still like greens, grass that is, crab grass.  Mine eat lots of crab grass during the warm months, which helps them to cough up hair balls and helps with their digestion.  In winter I buy cat grass from Wal Mart which I grow for them inside. 
 Also be careful when your cats are hooked onto curtains, cloth chairs, etc.  Mine like to scratch and can be left hanging by their leg....never pull them away because you might pull their claw out, instead lift them up higher than where they are hooked and no problem. 
In a multi cat family it helps to look for coupons for cat food, most companies will have coupons off and on, or something free if you buy so many. 

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