November 4th is National Candy Day

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, it`s not even a week past Halloween and we already have a National Candy Day.
We weren`t home this Halloween so won`t have leftover Halloween candy at our home.

                Americans over the age of 18 consume approximately 65 percent of candy produced each year. Candy is also a favorite treat everywhere.
Whether you like chocolate candy, gummy candy, or super sweet and sugary candy, celebrate National Candy Day with your favorite types of candies!

                             Some great businesses celebrating National Candy Day are:

-Nestle Raisinets with their raisin, cranberry and cherry flavors
and The NestlĂ© Share the Joy of Reading Program  is a way for you to ‘do good’ when they’re buying candy this year (especially on National Candy Day) because it puts books in the hands of kids who can’t afford them.

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