Last Day in Vegas- and Home Again

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Well, we're back home...
I missed a few days postings due to lack of time, and a whole day of travelling.
Gerry had gotten me a netbook for my birthday this year,( he knows I can't do without my internet-lol),but it's not the same as using the big computer in my home.Such a small screen- and little key pad,but nice to still be able to check messages daily and keep in touch with my family back home.

Wednesday, the 3rd, was our last day in Vegas.
We did the Hoover Dam Express Tour during the day,which we really liked, as the bus also stopped at a lookout point over looking Lake Mead, before we headed to the Dam.
It's quite comical as there are alot of "dam" jokes there. Like: " Have a dam good day", and so on..
We stayed there for 2 hours and the time flew by. It was well worth the trip out of the city to see this.

We didn't get back till after supper from this tour and then it was off to the Gordie Brown Show, over at the Golden Nugget.Gordie Brown is a musical comedy singer, and will have you laughing at his impressions of musical artists as he changes bits of their songs, into ones of his own renditions.
While being at the Golden Nugget, we were able to visit Fremont Street and the old Vegas- full of so many lights and outdoor entertainment, that it will have you standing on the street in awe.

We'll miss you Vegas- the fine people, and your warm sun.
We took alot of pictures so will always have those for the memories, and hope to go back again some day.
Thank you to our sponsers who were kind enough to allow us to view great entertainment in your city.



  1. Hi Monique, Very cool site. Go Yakezie!!! I love the fudge, looks yummy. When we lived in CA went to Vegas all the time. Sounds like a fun vacation.

  2. Thanks for visiting! Hope you stick around and please spread the word-


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