Last Day of the Vegas Vacation

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well, today is our last day of the vacation, before we start our journey back tommorow.It will be a day of flights before we get into Saskatoon and overnight. Then another 6 hour drive home after that still.
It was late last night when I got we got in as we had another full day.

Highlights of our day yesterday included Viva Elvis Show, The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and the Price is Right Vegas version show.
I won $20,( or 2,000 Total Reward Credits from  the Price is Right in a random draw).Not much really for the long wait I had to wait in line to get it for.The show was really not what I expected it to be, and the prices weren`t anything like what the real show offers but still, it was a different kind of experience.

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay was nice- a few different reptiles and aquatics I haven`t seen before.
Loved the kimono dragon- they look so innocent but can be quite dangerous.

We even drove to the pawn store yesterday that they have on the Pawn Stars show on tv. The store was very crowded, the prices were quite high on alot of the items and none of the tv stars were to be seen,( but that is to be expected I imagine- they would be hounded with people wanting photos and autographs no doubt).

In the evening we watched the Viva Elvis show courtesy of Cirque du Soliel at the Aria Resort and Casino.
An  absolutely spectacular show- the entertainers are amazing, with no fear with their dare devil acrobatics,super singing and dancing. I was very surprized to even have a visit by their public relations lady, Ann, who came to our seats, introduced herself, and presented us with a bag of Elvis souveniers from the show.We would highly recommend seeing this show!

Off for souveniers!
Stay tuned for more on our vacation.
Once back home, will get back into the swing again for our product reviews-mom said I have have mail piling up.


  1. Great blog .....great read...i love it....i have gone through every article of yours they are really awesome

  2. Thank you so much-it`s nice to hear comments like this!
    I am a bit behind now with posts after being on holidays, but will catch up.


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