Sunday-November 21

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I always find I have more time to write on Sundays. Reviews and giveaways are usually caught up with and even the emails are slower on the weekends.
I made some cookies today with the M&M's we recieved in our Santa's Choice packs the other day.Didn't realize they were the green and red festive ones till I opened the bag, so that was nice.
With only the two of us home though, I froze most of them.Ria's not a big M&M fan- otherwise, I would have bagged her up some,and Erika is still away at college till Christmas break on the 18th.

Gerry had the snowmobile out for a bit today- saw him driving past the house when I was looking out the window this afternoon.Had to laugh, as I thought he was just doing " stuff" in the backyard.He watched some of the football game too once he got in- as the teams head to the Grey Cup next weekend.I couldn't believe the guys were playing in short sleeves with snow on the field. They said it was -18 degrees and even colder with the wind. ( in Calgary,Alberta).

Tonight Gerry is putting the last coat of paint on the spare/guest room, as it goes from pink to beige.
After he gets that done it will be movie time on Netflix.

Have a good evening everyone-

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