Our Trip to Las Vegas-Day 4

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today we needed to do a bit of shopping to fill the cupboards and fridge so we headed over to Whole Foods on Las Vegas Blvd. I had heard good things about the Whole Foods stores and wanted to see for myself.Gerry and I loved the look of the store and all the healthy foods it had to offer inside.With the both of us having digestive problems,this store was nice to shop at for some clean eating. We also had a chance to shop for souveniers and have lunch at Roxy's Diner, which was inside the Stratosphere, where the girls that wait the tables there, also sing for the customers.

Later we headed up to the Stratosphere Tower where we got to see great views of Las Vegas and the surrounding area, but neither one of us are brave enough to ride the rides they offer at the top!

The day ended with the Viva Elvis Show. I had seen this show with Gerry over a year ago and liked it when we saw it the first time, but was quite disappointed with it this time.The show made some changes and seemed to be selling sex more than anything.From guys and gals in underwear to pole dancing, and groping in some of the acts, it really wasn't what we had gone there to see. The music at times was so loud that even the lead singers were drowned out.I really hope that they will bring back more class to this show.

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