Peace of Mind When Travelling With Medjet Assist

Monday, February 27, 2012

Having a medical emergency abroad is one of every traveller’s biggest nightmares.

While some travellers may be aware of the financial troubles that can become associated with treatments away from home, and buy travel insurance, they may become surprised that the insurance does not cover the transportation, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a hospital close to their home. This can become especially important when you become hospitalised for a length of time without access to familiar surroundings, family and friends or even your own doctors.

A MedjetAssist membership bridges the gap that is often seen in these platinum cards or travel insurance contracts by providing emergency transport to a member who has been hospitalized as in inpatient or who has been hospitalized due to an injury 150 miles from home. This incident can occur within the United States or can happen in international incidents. MedjetAssist will arrange medical evacuation and repatriation services to the hospital of the Member’s choice by MedjetAssist authorized affiliate. As soon as MedjetAssist is notified of the medical emergency, they will establish communication between the family and a local medical provider. They will stay in communication and relay messages to the medical provider or member’s family, they will offer foreign language assistance with medical personal if needed as well as relay messages to family and friends and colleagues 24 hours a day toll free.

There are no cost limits for the medical transfer; MedjetAssist is a great way to obtain a peace of mind while travelling.

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