Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Trip to Vegas-Day 1

Hi everyone-
Well, we left today from home and on the way to Las Vegas for a week.Have the girls and my sister all taking their turns looking after the guinea pigs  that we left behind and house sitting.

Today was a 6 hour drive south to Saskatoon,Sask..Long drive but nice to arrive.Even better to arrive at a great hotel like the Delta Bessborough.As you can see, our room is beautiful. Modern decor with old fashioned flare.The Signature Club Junior Suite room is quite accomodating!

Once settled in,we went downstairs and  were welcomed by Stefan, director of Sales and Marketing.Stefan gave us and a few others, a wonderful, knowledgable tour of the hotel and its history. We would recommend anyone staying in the area to stay at this hotel.The staff we all came across have been very friendly and it's like home away from home. Thank you Delta!

Tommorow we fly to Vegas!

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Anonymous said...

Just what I need, a week's holiday. I should have followed behind you two. Enjoy your trip! Mom

Monique said...

Thanks mom- just wish I didn't have the health problems I do- but trying to manage.

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