Our Trip To Vegas- Day 3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I wanted to write about our day 3 yesterday, but besides being busy I ended up having Blogger problems and not being able to post. But I seem to have worked that out this morning so will tell you want we did yesterday.

It was a slow start to the day again since Gerry and I both were suffering still from the effects of travelling. Not sure if its jet lag,or the pills we take to relax when we fly, but we both still weren't feeling our 100%.

We did some gambling during the day on the slot machines , winning a bit but losing too. But it's still fun to try your luck.

Later that evening I was quite nervous about taking my first ever and Gerry's first ever, helicopter ride with Maverick Helicopters.Our helicopter pilot Josh,made is a most pleasurable experience though, and the champagne they offered inside was a tremendous help to calm my nerves. The  flight was approx.12-15 minutes over the Las Vegas strip.  Loved the big windows in the helicopter, that offered a panoramic view as well as the ability for the helicopter to fly so close to the hotels.

We had been in a small plane before and that was not as smooth as the helicopter. I would highly recommend this to anyone, and now we are both happy to say we have completed another task off our bucket list!

Following our helicopter flight we did the CSI: The Experience- Las Vegas at MGM Grand. We had the opportunity to review it and it didn't meet our expectations. The cost per adult is $28, which is quite high for the experience that you get.We came away feeling less than satisfied, however for CSI buffs this experience would be more entertaining.

On to day 4 ......


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