Our Trip To Vegas- Day 2

Monday, February 20, 2012

It was a nice sleep last night in our king sized bed at the Delta Bessborough. We have a queen sized bed at home but I just love all the space of a king bed. Our room at home would be too small for a king bed. We have a mobile home and the bedroom wouldn't be large enough for one.

Enjoyed a complimentary buffet breakfast as well at the hotel.

Flew out of Saskatoon and into Las Vegas, but were missing a piece of luggage when we got into Las Vegas, along with other people on our flight.After we got all that worked out and had to speak to someone, we found out it was on another plane or at another airport and would get to our condo at 1 am.That was our clothing suitcase and the one that carried my lap top.

Picked up our car rental from Payless and saw that the fees were different from what I had printed off online. Different than what they were quoting at the counter.Had to go over this with them and delete all their unnecessary "add ons" as I would call them.

Made it into the condo late and straight to bed. 2 hours time difference from ours at home, so a bit hard on the old body to get used to. Add to that the Gravol I had been taking for the plane and fighting stomache inflammation,and yeah, I was hit hard, but today- day 3, is a new day.Will tell you all about it later.. off for breakfast.



  1. Sounds like things have been a little rough so far but now that you're settled in, I'm sure things will go more smoothly. I've never been to Vegas but it's the first place on my list once the kids are old enough that we can go on a trip without them. I can't wait to read more about your adventure.

  2. Hope so...should be able to write a bit tonight for our day 3 on the road.


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