Our Trip To Vegas-Day 5

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm a day behind again with my posting for our trip. Had more internet troubles and had to get some tech help, but here are our highlights from yesterday: We haven't been heading out for the day till close to lunch.Lazing away the mornings.

During the day we took a drive to Lake Mead for our Lake Mead Cruise aboard the Desert Princess. A 90 minute paddlewheel cruise with stories of the construction of the  Hoover Dam, and the formation of the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. The boat was comfortable with seating on the top deck and the ability to walk around freely on all decks and take photos.

We had tickets booked for Celine Dion last night, at Caesars Palace, but when we got there, were told the concert was cancelled as she had been fighting laryngitis for several days and despite vocal rest and treatment, she had suffered a relapse and instructed by her doctor to cancel for the evening.Alot of people were there all dressed in their best, and alot had travelled from all over the world to see her, but there wasn't much anyone could do. 

Did some more slot playing while at Caesars but didn't get too far ahead with that. Seemed to win what we put in and played.

Traffic on the strip is terrible in the evening, so if you are going to Vegas and planning to see some shows in the evening, please allow at least an extra hour to get a place to park and find your way to the box office. Alot of walking is involved to get from point A to point B in the hotels. The parking garages are equally as huge, so it's best to write down where you parked, so you can find your way back after. We had that happen to us last night. We thought we remembered where we parked but didn't, and had to spend about half an hour looking for our car!

Sun is shining again today so I'm off for another day!  Photobucket

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