3 Ways to Earn Money on a Cruise Ship

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jobs that ‘have it all’ are so rare. In addition to a regular pay check, a lively work environment and steady working hours are what people generally look for in an ideal job. Cruise ship jobs offer all this and much more. Employees get to travel to exotic destinations for free and meet the who’s who of the high society. Working on a cruise ship can be the ultimate job. Plus, the glamour quotient of saying ‘I work on a cruise ship’ is quite high compared to ‘I have a regular desk job’! There are also several ways that you can earn extra money while on the job. Here are 3 ways that you can make money on a cruise ship:

Get a Job Aboard the Ship!

Obvious, isn’t it? Cruise ships have all sorts of jobs that one can apply for. Be it a waiter, chef, pool guards, engineers, performing artists, IT technicians or managerial positions, there is bound to be a job that fits your skill set. Having some form of formal education in the field is definitely a plus though. There are several full time courses as well as online education options where you can get a degree or diploma in Hospitality and Travel and Tourism. In addition to a steady pay and working hours, employees get free boarding as the job requires them to live on the ship for the contract period. No worrying about gas or car prices, no worrying about grocery shopping, no electric or water bill. This means virtually no expenses - so most of your earnings get saved.

Write a Blog!

Blogging is the ‘In’ thing on the internet at the moment, with popular blogs raking in lots of money from ads. Working on a cruise gives you plenty of unique experiences to relate on your own travel blog. Take an online crash course on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and once your blog has a good following, you can start placing ads on it for which you get paid! It’s a great way to spend your off duty time and make some extra cash while you are at it.

Sell Articles and Photographs!

Articles are different from blog writing. They are more detailed and informative, usually carrying more literary weight. There are several sites online that pay authors to write travel articles for them. Working on a cruise gives you a unique perspective and can fetch a good sum for your written word! Also, if you have a flare for photography, you can sell photographs of picturesque locales to travel sites. Another great way to use your spare time to make money.

To cut a long story short, working on a cruise ship is not only fun but has great financial benefits. If you have a passion for travel, a thirst for adventure, and want a well paying job, then working on a cruise ship is for you! Sure, there is a lot of hard work and learning involved; you may even be required to work longer than the regular 9 to 5, 8 hour shift but the benefits, both cash and kind, more than make up for it. It can be said that working on a cruise ship is a rewarding experience indeed!

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