Recycling Your Household Trash

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you’re looking to save money around the house, going green may not be at the top of your list of priorities. After all, most people harbor the misconception that doing their part for the planet is going to require some extra expenditure. This could be true if you opt to install solar panels, remodel your home, or start shopping at high-end grocery stores that feature organic and free-range food options exclusively. But by and large, there are a lot of ways to become eco-friendly that will actually save you money or even bring a return on investment (so to speak). And the best way to get something back when you give to the Earth is through recycling your household trash.

Only a few states require that residents recycle, but even if you don’t live in such a locale, you can do your part by setting up your own home recycling. If you don’t have room in the kitchen or pantry, put bins in your garage to house recyclable items like aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper products. Then, when the bins are full, take them to the recycling center. Many of the items you save from the landfill can bring you some money in return for your goodwill. Of course, you won’t make back what you spent on them, but if you go through a lot of soda, juice, and spaghetti sauce, for example, you stand to make a few dollars a week for items that you were previously throwing away. In addition, you’re sending less non-biodegradable trash to the landfill. If everyone did this, we could significantly cut down the rapid rate at which trash is populating our planet.

To this end, you can also try to involve your community in your personal crusade by soliciting neighbors for their items, as well. You may be able to set up a drop-box at your home that those in your immediate area can take advantage of. Even if they’re unwilling to make the trek down to the city recycling center, they may be on board for bringing bags of recyclable items to your house. You might get stuck with the rinsing, sorting, and transporting of items, but everyone will benefit in the long run. You’ll be providing a valuable community service and giving others in your neighborhood the chance to do something they can feel good about. Plus, you can make a few extra bucks to put into the entertainment fund (or even donate back to the community).

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to save on the bills while working to save the environment. Cutting back on electricity, water, and gas usage, opting for public transportation or carpooling instead of driving yourself around daily, and choosing reclaimed or second-hand items over brand new can all contribute to a cleaner, greener Earth. But recycling is the easiest way to adopt an eco-friendly attitude, make a change in the way you live your life (on behalf of our planet), and possibly even make a little extra money on the side, all through the simple act of separating items that you would once have thrown away.

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