Are No Name Brands Really A Good Deal?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm sure we've all seen grocery tips on saving money where your told to buy no name products, and that they'll save you money. I really felt it was time to comment on this, as I'm sure they will/do save you money, but at what cost?

You buy no name dish liquid, but if your using more of the product to get suds ,are you really getting a deal?Laundry soap is another example. I have personally bought some not so popular liquid laundry soaps, only to open the lid of the washer to see barely a soap sud in there.Good thing my clothes are not "dirty". I've also done reviews for Tide and really do notice a difference in the way they wash.

My bigger "beef" which brought me to writing this is more with food products. Gerry and I have gone to the grocery store and actually compared the food labels of the no name brands to that of the name brands.We've noticed on the no name nutrition content labels, higher sodium, higher fat, higher calories and just plain more unhealthier versions of the food with the no name than with the brand names. We've also found that "store brand" isn't as bad as the no name yellow bag/packaged foods. Not sure why, but you may want to do some label reading the next time you think that box of no name macaroni and cheese is a "good deal".

Just our 2 cents-but your input is always welcome.


  1. Companies add an extra chemical to get those bubbles/suds-they don't actually do anything for cleaning. I make all my own cleaners, including laundry detergent, and not a sud to be seen :)
    I don't buy name brands because of what I buy. I don't buy cleaning supplies, hba/toiletry items, except for Dr. Bronners (one name brand I swear by!), and very little prepackaged foods-the things that you'd have brand choices on.

    I shop some at Aldi, and they only carry their brand, and then at Meijer-where I've recently started buying organic and usually there's only one choice, usually the Meijer brand. I do buy a brand name of organic cane sugar because it's a dollar cheaper than the Meijer brand-go figure lol!

  2. I've heard good deals being gotten at Aldi. We don't have that here in Canada- little for organic as well- and what is here, is expensive-even on clearance.
    Thanks for sharing the bubble info about the laundry soap-I didn't know that.

  3. I always buy generic, with just a few exceptions (I will not give up my Skippy peanut butter for anything!). Most of the items I have compared taste identical and have the same nutritional qualities. In fact, I have heard that many of the 'generics' are actually made by the name brand companies.

  4. As Sara already said,"Suds" do not determine the cleaning ability of a detergent and your Tide is one of the harshest detergents around

  5. I normally will buy for what I have coupons for and what is on sale.I have used Tide as a review product before and liked it.

  6. Budget Confidential-we have a bread outlet nearby and it's one of the more expensive brands in our area. But at the bread outlet you get much better prices. Funny thing is-in the outlet is their packaged bread, and then right next to it is store brand packaged breads-their the SAME bread. I've talked to the employees there, and it really is crazy how companies do this. My hubby used to work in a cookie factory and the same thing happened-they wrapped some of their products in their packaging, and then some of it in store brand packaging-again it was all the same cookies :)


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