2010 Holiday Gift Guide Suggestion: The Twitten

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review by Ria


"The Twitten has been 40 years in the making.
For frigid University of Pennsylvania football games in the mid-sixties, Connie Kaiserman knit her first Twitten for Steve Robinson so they could hold hands during those tense fourth downs. Several decades and professions later Connie met Jennifer Isaacson who has spent a lifetime sourcing materials all over the world and designing everything from textiles to furniture. Together they launched the Twitten line.
P.S. The Twitten worked. Connie and Steve are still together."

Ria said:

Oh, the Twitten -What a cute and wonderfully quirky product! I recieved these Twittens to review and was laughing as soon as I opened the package. They are not only fully functional mittens, but you cannot help but smile everytime you put them on. You see, the Twitten is unlike any other regular mitts you've ever worn before! The Twitten, is the mitten you share! Yes, I was a little but confused about this at first but it does work! You need a friend (or lover!) and on your outside hands, each of you wears a single mitt and on the inside hands, you share this silly-looking knitted thing that looks like a knitting project gone wrong! The middle-sharing mitt has two holes into which each person inserts their hand but is open in the inside allowing you and your friend (or lover!) to hold hands! I had sent my boyfriend up to the pool hall wearing the mitts without the middle piece and although they are hot pink with green thumbs, he didn't complain and as far as I know, he didn't get beat up and no one laughed at him! The finger part of the mitts, folds back so you have access to your fingers if needed. As well, the tumbs of the mitts have a great little hole so that you can poke your thumb out for texting purposes. The mitts, ($49.00) come in many quirky colors and patterns and some plainer styles as well. These mitts would be a great gift for any silly couple you know who has a sense of humor - I know me and my boyfriend sure enjoyed them! With the -30 weather we get around here most times, and him dragging me to the rink for hockey games, they sure come in handy for holding hands!

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