Sunday-December 26th

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today was a busy one for us: as we spent time going to Walmart to do a few Christmas returns of Erika's and then picked ourselves up a new cordless phone with a gift card we had gotten from my brother.Shouldn't have really gone there, as it was just too busy to move around comfortably. But we also had to venture to the grocery store for romaine for the guinea pigs.We all had gotten a few Walmart gift cards but will use them another time when it's less busy.

We are heading out of town tommorow afternoon for some mystery shopping.Since I will have my mileage reimbursed at .36 km, it will make it worth my while.Gerry is working the morning only, so he's chauffeur in the afternoon.

I saw Sears online had a Boxing Day sale on blinds today, so I ordered the ones for the living room.Saved $100+ than what it would have costed at regular price.Had the cash saved for them.Only thing is that they are white and not ivory like the side window we have in here,that has an ivory blind, but Gerry feels it hardly will be noticable, and not at all if the blinds are open.

I had my Boxing Day supper tonight as well, so it took time to get that all ready. I was glad I had cooked my turkey the day before and just carved it and put aside- the silly thing was so big that it took 8 hours to cook! Much easier doing that the day before the supper. Anyone else cook their turkey a day before the rest of the trimmings?

My grandma is still in the hospital and we've been going there daily to visit with her but looks like she should be able to come home soon. She wants to. She said she had a severe bladder infection and didn't know she had it till it hit her that day.

My girls are both out tonight at a Boxing Day social.I remember the days when I used to party till late. Now I'm content to stay home and go to bed at a decent hour.

Other than that,Christmas was great - and in the next day or two I will have a surprise to tell you about something that happened to us at Christmas.Hope everyone had a safe, peaceful Christmas. If you were out Boxing Day shopping, I'd love to hear about your best deal!



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