Sunday- December 19

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We just put our tree up today. We were waiting for Erika to get home from college, and she arrived yesterday. She put some Christmas music on the tv., and we decorated and set the gifts underneath. Later on we watched the new Ben Affleck movie : The Town...really loved this movie! Great all star cast.

Erika's staying in her old room, but unfortunately not much in there but the blow up mattress.
Gerry should get a company bonus this spring so a bed for her room will be something we'd like to put in there for her, especially since she will be staying here from May- September, till the next school year starts.

We did re-paint the room this month- from pink to brown, but we have been saving for fixing up the living room, making some changes as we can afford it. Saving right now to replace the blue curtains in here,( so 80's). Blinds will replace the curtains once I can save about $250 for that.We have a bow window,so there are 3 windows to cover, each costing around $70.

Erika wants to do her second year college in another city, closer to home next year. Right now, she's a 12 hour drive away. Moving for her second year accounting, will place her about 6 hours away. Her dad and Gerry have been paying tuition. Next term( January) she has another $500 worth of books to pay for,on top of the tuition that was paid!

It's times like these that I wish I would have had an education savings plan set up for her.

So if your reading this and have small kids,consider saving for something like your child's college education.It comes before we know it.


  1. Thank you.
    We opted out of adding the white garland this year...passing it down to my sister instead., who wants to trade it out for the gold one she says she has on her tree.

  2. I saw The Town this weekend as well. I really liked it even though it wasn't what I expected.


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