Wednesday-December 29

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas-a safe and a happy one.

It's been nice having my daughter in town from college. She's with us for 3 weeks.

I have to stop myself,from nagging her to pick up what she leaves or drops behind her. Like the lights and t.v left on when she leaves the room,etc..I feel we are lucky to have her with us in our lives, and that is more important than any power or heat bill.
The two of us were at the hospital again seeing granny, who is back on iv due to her potassium being too low.
Also stopped at Warehouse One to use one of my gift cards I recieved for Christmas.Got myself a new pair of pjs and a top- I went over, but liked both so didn't want to choose this time.

Things have been slow for reviews and giveaways right now as most of our sponsers are still taking holidays till the 3rd of January.

Here in Canada, our banks and post office were closed till today, so slowly we will get back into the swing of things again, till New Year's Eve and the New Year roll in.

What is everyone doing for New Year's Eve? We don't have any plans. We aren't partiers so will just be staying at home. I hear our girls are going out though, so we always like to hear their stories.

This year I had recieved a free hotel night stay for the hotel here in town, after we had problems earlier in the year, with their restaurant's service. I think Erika will be using that so she can go to the bar there for the New Year's Eve party, and not have to worry about a ride home that night, and just stay there with herself and a friend.

I don't know about you all, but I've been having my fair share of food and chocolates over the holidays.My stomache hasn't been too bad lately,( the IBS), so I've been able to eat more than when I normally do. Have been taking probiotics daily as well- and truly feel that is a great tummy tamer of all that's evil in there.

Off to get started on my day-may take some of my Christmas decorations down today.Will probably leave the tree up till the weekend though.
Have a great day!

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