Getting Organized

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The weekends are always quiet around here.I'm up early, get my whole house cleaned, and then it's a long day. The emails slow down I find on the weekend and I usually don't have any product reviews or giveaways to contend with. Sometimes I spend an hour or less entering contests. Love doing those, with the hopes of winning something .

It's been so cold out too that a person really doesn't want to be outdoors, so it's indoors I stay.

I've almost gotten all my Christmas baking done for my gift boxes, and my freezers are both too full to add too much more to them anyhow.( We have the fridge freezer and a small apt. size one we plug in every year around this time to fill with our Santa's Choice order.)

So today I spent about an hour or more sorting through my case with warranties, invoices, etc..We had warranties all over- we had some in a draw in the kitchen and others were in two cases we had. Now they are all in one big shoe box.Was able to shred a whole garbage bag of things we no longer needed too.Good to get organized- and was a good day to do it.

I might add that all paper shredded does go in with my recyclables.

We make a trip to the recycling centre once a week to drop it all off. You can imagine with product reviews, we do get a fair amount of packaging, and cardboard boxes.



  1. I love being organize.. and it is a peaceful serene activity... enjoy..! (hugs) happy holiday season.. Betty Ann

  2. Me too-I need to do more get organized posts for others---just need to get organized!LOL


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