Gifts To Give Your Holiday Host/Hostess

Saturday, December 18, 2010

This holiday season, chances are you will be spending a significant amount of time with friends and family. When invited to a holiday party, it is important to bring a holiday host/hostess gift to show your gratitude and support for the person putting on the holiday function. The gift doesn’t need to be extravagant and may only require a little bit if planning ahead. You may want to consider stocking up early so you are prepared for any last minute invitations. The best kind of gifts are functional yet thoughtful and will be a pleasant surprise for any host, or hostess. Here are a few suggestions to consider when purchasing a host/hostess gift this holiday season.

Wine. A bottle of wine is the go-to gift for any party. Everybody can appreciate a delicious bottle of wine with his or her meal. Do a little research and consider purchasing a wine that is currently very popular, or has a unique quality about it. If your host/hostess has traveled, or loves a specific city, try buying a wine from this location. They will certainly appreciate the thought that went into buying this item. Depending on your price range, you could always pair a bottle of wine with an artistic bottle stopper and wrap the gift in some beautiful paper. Paying attention to little details will make a large impact when giving your gift.

Serving Utensils. If you are looking for a more unique gift, serving utensils may be the right choice for you. Whether purchasing Christmas themed salad tongs, or an ornate cake server, serving utensils are a statement piece that will enhance any plate of food. The decorative utensil will look beautiful on a tabletop and can be used for years to come.

Artisanal Bread & Cheese. Instead of bringing a boring vegetable tray, upgrade to bringing artisanal bread and cheese to the party that will have all the guests talking. You could always deliver the bread and cheese on a fruitwood board that will enhance the cheese and look great sitting on the table. Your host/hostess will love using the board for holidays to come.

Floral Arrangement. Everybody loves getting flowers, but instead of bringing a fresh cut bouquet, try placing the flowers in a beautiful vase, already arranged. This way your host/hostess can enjoy the flowers throughout the party and set them on the table for added decoration. The vase can always be reused and will be memorable gift. If flowers are a bit overdone, try bringing an edible arrangement made of chocolate dipped fruits for guests to munch on during the party. An edible arrangement would certainly make a statement.

Hand Soap. While every kitchen has soap, not all have luxurious, yummy smelling hand soap that revitalize the skin after doing the dishes. This is a perfect item for a hostess who needs a little bit of tender loving care for her hands. Look for hand soap with a lovely smell and eye-catching packaging. You could always place a little hand lotion in the gift, too.
Thank You Note. Don’t forget to thank your host/hostess for the invitation. This kind of thoughtfulness will ensure you receive invites in the future.

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  1. We picked up win bottle covers like the ones in the picture, only we grabbed kimono like outfits from Chinatown. I bought them for the bottles, but the girls ended up realizing that they fit their American Girl dolls and it was a cheap five dollar outfit compared to the $25 from AGP.


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