Day 3 of Our Trip To Vegas

Sunday, October 31, 2010

There wasn`t a post from me for yesterday as we spent most the day travelling.

I didn`t feel the greatest on the plane and took gravol a few times -but made it here in good shape otherwise.

We picked up a rental car and had to get a gps as well. For some reason, ours was not working-grrrr-so that costed us $50,but you sure need it to get around in the city.
Didn`t realize at the airport either that they charge you $25 per bag each way for luggage.Another unexplected expense.And gone are the days when you get anything on the plane expect for a beverage. What ever happened to the free pack of cookies or pretzels??
Weather has been cool in the mornings but hot by late afternoon.

We`re doing good but tired by the end of the day from all the running around and they are on PST here so we are all messed up with our eating and sleeping times.

-have to pay for internet service at the resort here- $25 for 3 days

-spent too much on the slot machines- and didn`t win anything,(I know -not very thrifty of me- that is one of our weaknesses though and we are in Vegas after all)-LOL

-went to Ethel M`s chocolate factory today and the Cactus was a non making chocolate day though so didn`t see them making chocolates but did get to sample and see where they made them...lots of nice cactus outdoors too and wild bunnies running amongst them.( free to see both)

-Saw the Auto Show Collection -lots of cars-had free tickets we were able to print off online

-Went to Walmart to pick up some food stuff and were amazed by the selection at the super centre. We just have a very basic one back home and no food in ours.

-Went to the Greg London Las Vegas  show tonight...that was truly the hightlight of our day. I had never heard of him before we recieved tickets to the show, but he said he has only been playing in Vegas for 3 months but has been in the business longer.It sometimes take a while to get to the top, but this guy is truly getting there one step at a time. His musical impressions are amazing and his band and dancers really add to his show.My favorites were his impressions of Elvis and Kermit the Frog singing with Ozzy Ozbourne- truly, truly a great evening for us both!

Long day, and late night, but you`ll hear from me again,as we continue our Vegas travels.


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