5 Tips For Huge Holiday Savings

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As anyone who has been responsible for purchasing gifts for an entire family during the Christmas season can attest to, the cost of the holidays can easily add up. Fortunately, when armed with the right approach and resources, you'll be able to save yourself some money, while still giving great gifts to those around you. Here are a few great tips for managing your spending this Christmas.

Look through the coupons in local publications. Though coupons are no longer as popular as they once were, many retailers still use these little slips of paper to advertise great deals in their stores. Furthermore, many online websites catalogue coupons which are currently valid for both online retailers and physical stores., Couponmountain .com, and are a few great resources for finding current coupons and discount codes that will save you green.

Use price comparison websites to find the best deal. Your local retailer may tell you that their prices are truly the lowest, but by taking to the computer you can determine whether there is any truth to his claims. Comparing prices on expensive items online can easily save you several dollars, as prices at different retailers often vary greatly. Shopping online can also save you significant amounts on sales tax, as online retailers without physical stores in your state of residence are not obligated to charge you tax. Some useful websites for comparison shopping include and

Use an alert service to notify you about new deals. Many different websites offer alert services, which will allow you to receive a notification when a new deal is available. You may want to consider using Google Alert to setup notifications regarding possible sales you'd be interested in. Furthermore, consider signing up for the digital newsletter of stores at which you frequently shop. All sales and coupons will likely be included in this newsletter, and receiving it by email will allow you to be more proactive in purchasing items quickly, before they go out of stock.

Be an early buyer. Because shopping during the Christmas season can be a pain, many people put off their Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Unfortunately, in doing so, you'll miss many of the best deals of the season. By hitting the shops early, you'll be striking while items are still in stock and before last minute price changes have gone into effect.

Shop through cashback websites. Cashback websites allow you to earn money back on purchase you would have made otherwise, often times giving you several percent back. What could be easier than that? Reputable cashback sites that have been recognized by the national media include and

Regardless of what method works best for you, by using some of these helpful tips you'll be sure to incur big savings on this year's Christmas gifts. Furthermore, all of these useful tips can be used to keep saving on your purchases year-round. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Kyle Simpson writes for a  retirement savings plan website where you can find tips and advice on eligibility, investing, and establishing goals for your future.

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