Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Supporting Charitable Organizations

This time of year, as well as year round, companies and businesses like to do their part to help raise funds for organizations that support different programs across Canada and the United States.

You may notice that a partial amount of your sale of an item may go towards the charity.
This helps charities in a tremendous way. The company/business does the promoting and the charity is able to benefit.
As a consumer, we purchase a product or service we will use anyhow, and everyone walks away with a good feeling in their heart.
So shop with a purpose and make giving a part of living.

Please visit our sponsors and see how they are giving back- Our hats off to all of them:

Products For Goods:supports wounded veterans and their families
The G2 Gallery-supporting art and the environment
SKLZ-supporting Challenged Athletes Foundation which supports disabled athletes
lia sophia-supports Dress for Success® with its Nottingham necklace

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