How To Make Extra Money For The Holidays

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The holidays are a time of great fun for all. Many families take the opportunity to travel during the Christmas season, while others gather in their homes and open endless piles of gifts from one another. Partaking in the fun of the holiday is something everybody wants to do, but unfortunately the holiday season can place a painful strain on your personal finances. Thankfully, whether you're looking to finance your trip to the sunny beach this Christmas, or simply hoping to earn some quick cash for gifts, many options are available for those looking for some extended spending power.

Traditionally, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for retailers. Stores are stocked with more merchandise during the weeks leading up to Christmas, and the traffic in shopping centers rises exponentially. In order to prepare for this shopping rush, many companies hire seasonal workers. Working as a seasonal worker generally means you'll have limited hours and your job will disappear after the holiday season, making this a perfect job for busy moms. Most stores will advertise for seasonal workers well in advance, so consider dropping off your resume before the season officially arrives.

If the thought of working in a busy store sounds unappealing to you, consider whether you have any marketable skills. Many shoppers look for unique, personable gifts during the Christmas season, meaning handmade goods experience a boom in popularity during the holidays. Whether you are a skilled baker or an expert knitter, consider selling your goods and products to the glut of spenders looking for the perfect present. If you find it difficult to sell your items in the “real-world,” you may want to consider placing such gifts on online classified sites, such as eBay or Craigslist. Other solutions include websites that feature handmade gifts, such as

If arts and crafts aren't your thing, you may want to consider offering personal services during the holiday season. From babysitting to housekeeping, many busy families need additional at Christmas time. To advertise your services, you'll likely want to use a classified ad in a local publication, such as the newspaper.

Freelancing can also be a source of cash during the Christmas season. Whether you're got great writing skills, really know your way around Photoshop, or are great at editing and proofreading, freelancing jobs are rather easy to procure online. Nevertheless, if you've never spent time freelancing before, it can be difficult to find work on freelancing websites teeming with qualified workers. Consider using a site such as Fiverr or Gigswood, which allow you to offer small services and get paid immediately after completion.

Regardless of how you choose to earn your pennies, you'll likely find that a plethora of options exist if you're willing to search for them. While working during the holidays can be a pain, remind yourself why you're working hard. When you're frolicking on the beach with your family, the stress of all of your work will feel one million miles away.

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