Top 6 Fabulous and Frugal Gift Ideas : $2 to $25

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It is that time of year again! As we try to start or finish our gift shopping, that little word is in the back of all of our minds, budget. Do not skip out on close friends or families due to low income this year because I have some great gift ideas that will not do damage the bank account.

 Bring on the Bling. Ladies of all ages love jewelry, but the cost of silver, gold and platinum can be budget busters. Consider hand-painted bracelets by artist Marion B. Grizer. The bracelets are actual pieces of “wearable” art that start at only $10 and some up to $45 depending on size and design. Another big seller for her are the “glow in the dark” bracelets.

Spa Spectacular. Burts Bee’s Tips & Toes 7 piece manicure and pedicure kit for just $12.99 at Target contains natural ingredients that will keep her hands, toes and lips moisturized. The product sizes fit neatly into a purse, backpack or bedside table!

Stay Snuggly Warm. This is the perfect gift for the athlete in the family, a family member with aches or pains or a student heading off to college. To stay warm this winter season, check out Julia’s Snuggle Bags. A great gift that comes in a wide range of prints for just $14!

The Book Lover. A book is not enough for a complete present, so pair a book with an item that reflects it. For example, pair the book Like Water for Chocolate with a gourmet chocolate bar or Coffeehouse Angel with a bag of coffee or mug. Finding discounted books (as low as $8) at wholesale retailers like Costco and local second hand book shops are easy. Stop by an off-price retailer for inexpensive, high quality gourmet food and coffee (from $4-$12).

Fabulous Friends. Remember friends and neighbors this holiday season with a collection of holiday ornaments. The Dollar Tree is offering beautiful ornaments for just $1 (though they look like high end $10 ornaments). You can even get a cute designer style box for to put them in for $1. That is a $2 present!

The Outdoorsman. L.L. Bean's Victorinox L.L.Bean Tinker is the perfect gift for those do-it-yourselfers. The pocketknife includes 11 tools and costs just $22 online. Best of all, L.L. Bean is offering free shipping through December 20.

By Clarky Davis

Clarky Davis is a debt management expert with more than 10 years of personal and professional experience. As The Debt Diva she offers financial fitness education and "real world" money saving tips to help consumers trim their spending in just about every area of their lives. As The Debt Diva, Davis has appeared on "ABC News Now," "Fox Business," "Fox and Friends" and "Nightline."

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