7 Coupon Faux Pas To Avoid

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks to the Internet, the world has gone even more coupon crazy that it was in the past. Now, instead of the paging through newspapers, you can get coupons sent directly to you email or print them directly from numerous coupon websites. Added to the traditional coupons and it’s a coupon world. And this world has rules. Here are seven coupon faux pas to avoid.

1. It’s A Date!
Coupons do expire. For your own sake as well as the cashier’s and your fellow shoppers, do check the expiration date before you hold up the line. After all, you didn’t hold on to that coupon to not get the deal, right?

2. Read Any Good Coupons Lately?
We live in a small print world and, yes, it’s a pain. But we have to live with it. To ensure your coupon experience goes well, read coupons before using them. There might be quantity limits or they might only be good at certain stores. Finding this out ahead of time is a good rule of thumb.

3. “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Pleased To Present... Coupons!”
How about doing your statue impersonation while the cashier scans and bags your 200 items, then remembering you’ve got a coupon for each item? Don’t be this person. Have your coupons at the ready before the cashier gets to work. The shoppers behind you will love you for it.

4. This Coupon Good For Patience

A grocery store is like a min-Tower of Babel. Products come in from all over the world from hundreds of manufacturers and stores, even in the computer age, quite often lose track of which coupons can be used for what, when. Also scam artists have made stores wary so, yes, they will have to verify your coupons and this could take time. Surely you can manage a little patience while you’re saving a bundle.

5. You Are Not Stocking A Bomb Shelter
Sometimes an extreme deal can put the blinders on us and we are compelled to hoard. As consumers, we have the right to shop as you want, but if you simply have to have 500 cans of baked beans at 2-for-1, then at least shop at different stores and leave some for the rest of us.

6. Avoid Rush Hour

If you’ve collected enough coupons to eat free for a year, good for you. Now please do the rest of us a favor and shop when the store isn’t busy. Weekends, holidays and weekday rush hours are not the time to wheel in your army of brimming shopping carts with a phone book of coupons under your arm.

7. “For My Next Trick, I’ll Make A Coupon Book Disappear”

Stores and manufacturers have hit on a convenient gimmick of sticking coupon books right next to items, allowing you to peel off a coupon right at the point of purchase. As a courtesy, limit yourself to one or two of these peel-offs. Don’t take fifty you’ll never use.

Happy shopping!

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