Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Heel Tastic: Order online and recieve free manicure kit

Yeah, I know, it's not the prettiest picture, but it is a fact- that there are some heels out there that look like this.I have noticed feet like these though, as in the summer I have the tendancy to check out the heels of others.So people, you think others aren't noticing your dry, cracked feet, well, they are.(smile)

I'm lucky to say that mine don't look like the photo but it's not to say they don't get dry- and they have actually cracked.Not sure why. It could be the hot baths I take, but definately not neglect. I do my own foot soaks and pedicures, and will slather my feet with lotion and creams. I have used Vaseline on occassion as well, but
 was eager to try Heel Tastic.

Heel Tastic is easy to use. It is like a giant lip balm that you roll on your feet. It is formulated with natural oils to help your heels feel smoother and softer.
If you've tried everything else, give Heel Tastic a try.
You can buy Heel Tastic online for only $10 and get a bonus manicure kit- free!
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Marjorie said...

A good review, not much works. I will have to try it.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

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