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Monday, October 18, 2010

It seems to be a nearly universal idea that a valuable gift is one that has significant, measurable monetary value. Unfortunately, giving an expensive gift is not a luxury afforded to everyone. Those who find themselves incapable of giving such an item often feel incredibly awkward about the situation. Some feel pressed to splurge on a special item, and others forgo gift giving entirely. Thankfully, there are plenty of other alternatives available to those who'd like to give a gift that won't break the bank. From handcrafted gifts to baked goods, some of the best gifts are those that cost next to nothing.

When determining what gift you'd like to give someone, it's important to understand what situation the gift will be given under. For example, if you're planning Christmas gifts for the entire family, you'll need to select a gift that you're capable of providing to multiple people. Likewise, you're relationship with an individual might be an important factor to consider. Though a gift's monetary value might not be immediately evident, the time and effort spent on a well-selected, thoughtful item makes any present valuable. For instance, casual acquaintances might not merit an enormous, hand-stitched quilt, though such a project might be an undertaking you're comfortable with for a close friend.

Small gifts come in many forms and shapes. Many of the more traditional gifts of the “stocking-stuffer” variety have proven popular over the years because, yes, they are cheap, but also because they're popular. Chocolates, socks, coffee, cosmetics, perfume, inexpensive jewelry, and accessories all make great gifts. They're enjoyed by everybody, and won't cost you a small fortune to purchase.

One of the most popular ways to save money is to create your own gift. Consider tasteful things that could be displayed in one's home, or that could be used for a practical purpose. A hand-knitted blanket for a newborn baby or several jars of fresh jam from your garden are perfect examples of gifts that didn't cost much to make, but are very special gifts to receive. If you're not skilled with your hands, you might consider offering particular services as a gift. For example, any parent would be thankful for a few vouchers that offer free babysitting services. Similar ideas could revolve around providing home repair services, or cooking dinner for someone a few times a month. Another great way to find inexpensive, yet unique gifts is to visit a local farmers market. Handmade items and unique antiques litter these popular bazaars, and often prove to be great gifts.

Regardless of what you decide to give, remember the age-old proverb, “it's the thought that counts.” By spending time choosing a tasteful gift that reflects the invidious, you'll be certain to give something that is thoughtful and sure to be appreciated. In doing so, you're unique little gift is sure to outshine the expensive gifts that are soon forgotten and stored away in the dusty closet.

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