Review : Easy Twist Paint Stick

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We were asked to review the new Easy Twist Paint Stick from Home Right.
Unfortunately for us, it arrived after Gerry had just finished doing the painting for our living room renovation.
We will be using it for our next painting job however and Gerry is quite excited already to try it out.
He says it will be a great time saver, easier to do ceilings too and less mess all around.

The EZ-Twist offers tray-less painting and draws paint directly from the can – no tray, no bending, and no mess or drips on floors or carpets.

Paint a room with professional results with the EZ-Twist in one-fourth the time compared to using a roller and messy paint tray.

On average, with the EZ-Twist you can paint 50’ of wall length that is 8’ high in under 10 minutes. It will take on average about 40 minutes to paint the same square footage, going back and forth to your paint tray, reaching down and rolling paint from the paint tray onto your roller.

The PaintStick holds up to 18 ounces of paint in the handle. Simply twist the paint through the tube onto the roller and paint up to an 8’ x 8’ area without refilling. A small twist applies a small amount of paint for precision painting. A larger twist applies more paint to cover a larger area quickly. The twisting action provides control for easier painting.

The EZ-Twist is sold with a high-quality roller cover. This roller offers a virtually lint-free finish with flat, satin, velvet, semi-gloss and gloss paints.

Tackle the difficult project of painting a ceiling, the roller’s spatter shield reduced dripping and spattering.

The EZ-Twist handle provides an ergonomic fit for greater comfort. The long tube extends reach for walls and ceilings – almost no need for a ladder when painting. Even paint ceilings without worrying about getting paint on you, your clothes or the floor by snapping on the Spatter Shield.

When finished painting, attach the EZ-Twist to the paint can cover and return paint to the paint can. Clean up is easy. Fill the EZ-Twist with water and flush.

The EZ-Twist 5-Piece Painting System comes with the EZ-Twist PaintStick, Roller Cover, How to Paint DVD, Spatter Shield, Paint Can Cover and Fill Tube.

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