It Paid To Complain

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I believe it was last week we had gone out an early birthday supper for Gerry's 50th,( as we had a restaurant free supper meal voucher for $20).One local hotel chain sends these out on your birthday month every year.
We had gone there and waited over 65 minutes for our meal,( and still hadn't gotten it). The restaurant was a bit full but we noticed the people behind our table got up and left and complained and another table did in the corner as well.
We were able to stop our waitress finally and ask her what was taking so long for our meal? Well, she went to the kitchen and never returned.We got up, and told the hostess at the front that we waited over an hour and were leaving.We ended up going to Subway for a quick sub as we were starving by this point, and once home, I sent an email off to the hotel's manager.
We did go back the next day and had our meal, learning that for some reason, the waitress had not keyed in the order to the kitchen for a few of us, and they were most sorry.
A few days later I recieved a call from the manger , who apologized and offered us a compensation for what happened.
We were told we could pick up an envelope at the front desk yesterday.
To our surprise, we recieved a $50 gift certificate, ( which we are using tonight), and a free hotel stay,( which we are giving to my daughter to use for her and her girlfriends for a night out, when she comes up here for Christmas from college).
All in all, it did have a happy ending.


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