Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving -Canada

Tommorow is Thanksgiving Monday in Canada.I understand it may also be a US holiday of some sort?
As my youngest daughter ,Erika is in town from college, and my other daughter Ria,both have different commitments, we had our supper yesterday.So now I don't have to make supper today for Gerry and I as we have leftovers, and lunch just may be turkey sandwiches. I love turkey sandwiches and could eat them everyday- good and healthy for you too!
Gerry and I are happy it's the long weekend and he has an extra day to be at home. I know today he's out in the yard rebuilding a flower box this morning, ( as we've still had good weather), and may try to get him to do some more work on the living room finishings and finish of the wallpapering,so I can post some more pictures.
Erika has a lobster lunch at her dad's today, and Ria has a supper at a friends today or tommorow.
Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you may be doing.

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Karla said...

Mmmmm turkey!

Tomorrow is Columbus Day which celebrates the anniversary of his landing in the New World. Whether that was something to celebrate I think we would have to ask the natives that actually met him. : ) The kids have the day off, but poor mama has to work.

Monique said...

Hi Karla-
Are most businesses in the US open then or closed?

Nikki Cupcake said...

federal and state businesses are closed but Columbus day is a big shopping day here

Monique said...


Karla said...

I think most schools, the post office, a lot of banks, and government offices are closed. Most businesses are open.

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