Review: Green & Black's Organic

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Okay, it's about an hour away from supper, and I'm sampling chocolate.
I have a weakness, that I can pretty much keep under control most times when it's out of site and out of mind, but when it comes in for a review, "Hey, I got a job to do!"
I do have to be careful though as I have some food intolerances, but sampling is fine in moderation right?
Gerry is a sampler too though and we have a few members of my family who help us out too.Who doesn't love chocolate? Don't think there are alot out there that don't.

We love the Green & Black's Organic chocolate.When you eat quality you taste the difference.
 Green & Black uses the finest organic ingrediants in their chocolate.
They make a variety of chocolate bars,as well as great gift packs of chocolates.

Why organic though?

Organic brings benefits to our food, health and the planet. Organic practices mean that farmers, animals and wildlife don’t come into contact with chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Rivers and soil are less polluted with chemicals and people eat foods that have not been sprayed with chemicals.
And isn't that a good thing to support?

Green & Black's would like you to join them on their new Canadian Facebook page:
Share in discussions of cooking tips,recipes, contests and their advancement of Fair Trade.

Hats off to them for a great chocolate and for having good principles.

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