Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes

Closet Costumes

When you don’t have much time, and even less money, you can still come up with a cool Halloween costume. Just be creative and use what you have in the closet or can find at Goodwill.

Ghosts: Of course, an old white sheet with the eyes cut out will work, but why not pretty it up some? You can paint on eyelashes and eyeshadow, even lipstick, earrings, and a necklace. Male ghosts can have beards and mustaches.

Scarecrow: You’ll need an extra large flannel shirt, some old jeans, and some rope to make a belt. Tie some more rope at the bottom of jeans and sleeves, and stuff in a little straw to hang out. A straw hat and a little makeup and you’re ready to go.

Hippy: 1960s Hippy: Tie dyed clothes, wide legged jeans with patches, long wigs, platform sandals, headbands, fringe vests, peace signs, big sun glasses are all part of the hippy look.

Old man: Cuffed dark pants and dress shirt, a flannel hat and walking cane. Dye the hair with temporary gray or dust with lots of flour.

Old woman: Old lady dress to below the knee, knee-highs that roll up a little, add old lady shoes, and a big black purse, dye the hair and cake on the makeup.

American tourist: For men, a loud Hawaiian shirt and shorts, hang a camera from your neck, and stick maps in your pocket. Women should wear a loud, colorful dress and a big sun hat with flat shoes and a straw bag.

Nerd: Grease your hair back, find some flood length pants, a white short sleeved dress shirt, white socks, penny loafers or lace up shoes, a pocket protector, and dark framed glasses with tape on the corner.

Clown: Find any colorful clothes that are too big. Decorate with fabric paint or markers, then pin on some large pom-poms, and a cheap wig and hat, and paint your face white. Then add other makeup or a red clown nose.

Have fun at your Halloween party!

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Corey said...

Check out, it's great for stenciling and D.I.Y. costumes. I just used it to make a Cobra stencil from the G.I. Joe cartoons to turn an old Dickies work suit into my costume.

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