Great Deal On Flowers from the Florist

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pretty flowers hey?
My grandma's 88th birthday is tommorow, so my sister and I both pitched in $20 to get her flowers from the florist.It seems like the minimum you can spend there gets higher and higher all the time. Flowers ARE expensive there but so much nicer than the store bought.The price tag on these was $36.99 but one of the employees noticed that the flowers were quite bloomed and said she would have the store manager replace them.I suggested that they leave them and that I will just take the flowers for a discount.They sold the flowers to me for $25 plus tax, so it paid to make that offer.
I've also read before that they will fill your own vase if you bring one in, costing you less for your flowers as well, but haven't tried that myelf.
One florist in town has half price flowers on Saturdays but it is only for a few hours out of the day that they offer this.
With it costing less for the flowers, we were also able to pick up a box of chocolates .


  1. Flowers are pricey, but they're beautiful. I haven't tried the bring-your-own-vase advice. Sounds reasonable though, particularly if you bring in a vase that originally came from your florist!

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