10 Canary Island Excursions Gramma Would Love

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As one of the best destinations to holiday with your elderly relatives, the Canary Islands boast a subtle blend of all things associated with the perfect holiday. Whether for you that’s lying on the beach or getting out and about, you can be sure there’s something for everyone. Here are ten excursions that grandma will love on your holiday to the Canary Islands:

Trip to the beach
It may sound simple but there truly is nothing better than a day out at the beach. If you’re staying in Fuerteventura you can explore a new one everyday or if you’re enjoying your spending a lot of time in the resort why not have a change of pace and visit a city beach like Las Canteras in Gran Canaria?

Mount Teide
For those holidaying in Tenerife you simply cannot miss Mount Teide. The spectacular mountain dominates the island meaning a trip to the top is a must. Don’t worry elderly relatives won’t have to trek to the top they can enjoy the cable car ride. Once at the summit the whole family will marvel at the sumptuous views.

Spa Treatments
You can be sure grandma will want to pamper herself a little while on holiday so be sure to take her to one of the many spas found in numerous resorts in the region.

A once thriving hub of activity the town of La Gomera in Tenerife was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. It now lives on as a living museum and is an intriguing place to visit.

Excursions out to sea
The beauty of the Canary Islands can be fully appreciated when out at sea so ensure at least one day of your holiday is spent enjoying the relaxing nature of a boat trip. The scenery will amaze and the sun will shine made all the more exciting by the possibility of dolphins swimming alongside your boat!

Submarine Safari
Your grandma may not feel too comfortable venturing below the surface of the ocean with diving equipment so enabling her to view the wonders of the sea on board a submarine may well leave a lasting impression.

If you’re holidaying in Fuerteventura make sure you visit the quant village of Antigua and visit the famous church dedicated to the “Virgen de la Antigua”.
Palmitos Park
An enjoyable day trip for the entire family, not only is Palmitos Park home to a variety of exotic animals, the wonderful array of plant life makes for a relaxing excursion.
American Star
Why not make the trip to view the sunken American Star as it slowly slips into the sea?
Santa Maria de Guia
Such a charming town in Gran Canaria, days can be spent meandering through tight cobbled streets, marveling at the Canarian architecture and relaxing in a quaint café.

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