Wednesday-March 30

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, another month has almost passed and I'm waiting for all the snow to be gone around here and for it to warm up more so I can start a daily, outdoor walking routine again.( Usually not till May in my neck of the woods).

I have been getting things together for our indoor sale- marking "stuff" inside, and stacking it in Erika's room , before she comes home on the first of May.I have all the boxes marked and just have to mark the bigger things that are outside in the car port.We'll be using the money for gas expenses when we go get Erika and bring her back from college.

She was quite excited yesterday. She won two tickets to the Alan Jackson concert. It as the last day to play in the radio contest and she got through as the 10th caller. Tonight she treats herself and a friend to a movie, after winning tickets online for an advance screening.Both girls follow in their mom's foot steps when it comes to entering contests.I recieved my $700 set of pots and pans by Paderno just last week that I had won in a mail in contest.Something I would NEVER afford to be able to buy for myself. I find it easier to win the mail in contests that are few and far between, but still exist here, than entering online contests.

Gerry is "renting" a cargo trailer from an acquaintance, when we go to pick up Erika and her furniture at the end of April.Should be able to get it for $75- as he said make him an offer.U Haul has them for $187 one way, so we're saving alot this way.

Our parts came in for our carpet cleaner, costing us $25. Cheaper than buying a new carpet cleaner for sure. It sure saves to think things through before spending.

I just found out today that tickets to the Ellen Show will only be available up until the 3rd week of May, and then she is on holidays till September.It was one of the reasons we were going to go to California in May, so we are waiting to see what will happen. No ticket dates are posted yet for that week on her site, so we'll just have to keep checking back. Your not even guaranteed tickets either. I believe everyone's name just gets put into a "draw" we'll wait and see.

Homemade pizza night tonight and I still have to get some exrcise bike time in before then, so I'm off ...

Have a great night everyone...



  1. ..great deal on the carpet cleaner!!

    What fun your daughter won tickets..!!

    All Good.. !!

  2. Your daughters a lucky girl! You must be excited to get her back home. I went to the Alaln Jackson concert here in Edmonton last night. I saw him 15 years ago as well and he hasn't changed a bit over the years.

    Ellen would be so much fun, Good Luck!

  3. I love your blog; was busy with so much the last few months.. good to hear you are doing terrific.

  4. edmontonjob: yes, it will be nice to have her home...she needs to look for a job too as she has a loan to start working on paying on..poor gir. We ave been helping with school expenses but there was her living expenses for a year, ans school parking, etc..I'd like to see him in concert- yes, she was lucky! George Canyon was with him- and his wife is from our home town here.

  5. Ms Hen: thank you as always for your following...


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