Buyer Beware- HP Printer/Service Review

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My mom would like to share a bad experience she had with the HP company.......

I own an HP printer/scanner, and have always liked their products, that is until I needed their support. I bought a printer cartridge and when I went to use it it was dried up, so of course it wouldn't print. I had paid over $30 for it, the store where I bought it told me I had to get in touch with the company. Well, both Monique and myself phoned the company and it was a nightmare! They gave us a real runaround, the lady I had asked me the model and serial number of my printer, which was fine, but she was more concerned about the printer, almost insisting that there was something wrong with the software.....I know a dried out cartridge when I see it. I put in a new cartridge and it worked fine. So what does that tell you? The HP company did not offer to replace my ink cartridge, I have the orginal packaging and the cartridge expiry date was August 2012. Other printer companies have been wonderful in the past if there is a problem, you send the cartridge back and get a new one. One company had paid for shipping both ways. Most companies will uphold their products and make a satisfied customer, but the HP people, were rude, dragging it along, asking everything but not dealing with the problem, which was a simple one. I told that lady I would never buy any of their products again.....there are other companies out there, companies who will stand by their products. It means just as much for support as the actual good product, so buyers when you purchase a product make sure that you read the reviews and see which companies stand up for their products. Here goes one disappointed buyer.


  1. I agree!Hubby bought me a $1100 HP laptop that apparently they sold knowing had an overheating problem .It stopped working and yes they fixed it ,after 3 weeks i received it back and then after a month it went again.Apparently they replace it with the same part.Basicly they know that after the warranty runs out your stuck.Is it just me ....oh no ...hubbies cousin had the same thing happen!Luckily he had paid the big bucks for an extended warranty so Best Buy replaced it and they didnt have the same model so he was lucky enough to get another model.
    As for their printers,id never buy again just for their ink prices alone:)

  2. Good to know- I have passed your comment for mom to read as well.

  3. What terrible service for such a big company! When you called customer service did you ask to speak to a supervisor? Sometimes it helps as they have a little more power to remedy the situation. I hope your mom is able to get the cartridge replaced. What is truly sad about this all is the cartridge probably only costs them a few dollars and the rest is overhead. In trying to save those few dollars they have cost themselves thousands in future business from you and everyone else you tell. I will be walking past HP when I need a new printer, computer, camera etc. Thanks for the head up on them and their lack of customer service.

  4. Thanks for your support- mom appreciates it!Hopefully HP will reply but we won't hold our breath.

  5. Thanks for your input-mom appreciates the support.


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