Tips on Sealing Air Leaks for a More Comfortable, Energy Efficient Home

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whether it’s keeping out the winter drafts or guarding against summer heat, most homeowners know the challenge of maintaining a comfortable living environment while watching their budget. Air leaks from drafty windows, gaps and cracks around the house can cause even a well-insulated home’s energy bills to soar. However, air sealing a home with Touch-n-Foam DIY insulating foam sealants is an easy and inexpensive way for homeowners to improve energy efficiency and home comfort year-round.

The first step in air sealing a home begins with locating the leaks.Then selecting the right foam to fill those voids.

Drafty windows and doors are a common culprit when it comes to soaring energy bills and compromising home comfort as well, and can also be sealed with a window and no warp door sealant.

The bulk of energy loss in a home comes from dozens of small holes, cracks and gaps inside and outside that allow air leakage. Sealing air leaks with insulating spray foam sealants is one of the most practical and economical ways to block heat loss in winter and gain extra savings for you.

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