Organization Tips For Your Garage

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ziploc and the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) have quick and convenient storage and organization tips for your garage.

-Spray adhesive on one side of a 1-quart Freezer

Ziploc® Bag and stick on the side of a storage box.

Write the contents of the box on a card and slip into

the Ziploc® Bag.

-After opening large bags of pet food, cat litter, charcoal,

fertilizer, ice melt, etc. place them in the right sized

Ziploc® Big Bag and seal. No more spills and it’s

easily toted.

-Protect user manuals for the power tools by punching

hole just below the zipper in a Ziploc® Bag (1 gallon

freezer bag) and hang next to the tool.

- Or organize small hardware and craft pieces with small

Ziploc® Bags. Punch a hole just under the zipper and

hang. Everything you need is in full view.

- If you have to stop painting in the middle of a project

place the brush into a Ziploc® Bag, seal and freeze.

Tip: Remove the brush one hour before you start

painting again.

-Recycling made easy! Hang an opened Ziploc® Big Bag on

a garage wall. Toss in recyclable plastic bottles.

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