Spring Cleaning Tips from OxiClean

Thursday, March 10, 2011

‘Tis the season for stains and the anticipated spring cleaning. To help lighten the load, OxiClean® Versatile Stain Remover (VSR) Powder is a chlorine free and color safe, oxygen based stain fighter that is designed for maximum strength stain removal in your laundry and around your home:

Baseball and Basketball Uniforms: Sliding into home and scoring the winning point is always fun, but cleaning the dirt, grass and perspiration stains out of the uniform after the game never is. To keep uniforms looking great and feeling comfortable, pre-treat stains with OxiClean VSR to help get clothes back in the game. Activated by water, its unique ingredients go to work unleashing bubbling oxygen power for safe, effective cleaning and stain removal.

Linens: It’s time to put away the flannel blankets and bring out the sheets and towels that have been stored away all winter. To freshen up spring linens and help prevent discoloration, try adding OxiClean VSR to the wash. It boosts the power of any detergent and enhances its cleaning ability while whitening and brightening all your belongings. This also works well for freshening up delicate table linens and napkins before your next get-together.

Sneakers: Between grass stains, dirt from the baseball field and regular wear and tear, most kids’ sneakers could use frequent cleaning. Because many shoe manufactures discourage machine washing sneakers, the key to successful sneaker cleaning is the shoe itself. Mix OxiClean VSR with water (be sure the powder is completely dissolved) to create a paste and use an old toothbrush to scrub any stains. For really tough stains, try soaking stained items for 1 to 6 hours in a solution of OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover and water to provide effective results.

Carpeting and Car Floor Mats: At some point this spring it’s inevitable you’ll trek mud into your car or home. Mud, unlike many other stains, is one that should be allowed to dry before treating. Avoid scraping excess mud off when wet to avoid spreading the stain further. Once it is dried down and is basically dirt, add OxiClean and water solution to the stain and follow directions on package.


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  2. do the dishwasher but always forget the washer!!!


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