Ferret Nation by Pet Smart

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review By: Ria

Attention Everyone! If you are the owner of multiple ferrets, chinchillas, or rats, you MUST have this cage! Go buy one! NOW!

As a proud mom of 3 ferrets, (and various other small animals over the years!) I am constantly looking for the “best” products for my fur-kids. Very often I spend outrageous amounts of money on toys for them, only to get the product home and find out that they are more interested in the box that it came in. Although the box that the Ferret Nation cage came in provided hours of fun for my fuzzies, the cage itself is even more amazing!

I have tried many cages and many brands over the years and the Ferret Nation exceeds all expectations. I was able to assemble the cage on my own with ferrets underfoot (not recommended!) and was blown away by the size of it compared to other ferret cages that are available. (And by purchasing the add-on units separately, you have the option to make it even bigger!) Unfortunately for me, I live on the top floor of a house and many of my walls/ceilings are the slanted type which gave me limited options as to where I was actually going to put this beautiful cage! I ended up doing some slight modifications (removing the bottom storage shelf and attaching felt pads to the bottom) so the cage is now shorter by about a foot and sits directly on the floor.

Can we talk some more about how nice this cage is? It’s not one of those cheapy wire ones that you can buy almost anywhere, this is the real deal! The heavy metal frame has a Hammertone finish; both levels have full-width double doors which makes cleaning a breeze and the ferret-proof dual-locking door latches make midnight escapes impossible! The cage includes two height adjustable platforms and includes easy remove/clean full-width plastic pans. The undersides of the platforms contain multiple attach points for hammocks or other hanging toys. This cage also a swing up locking ramp in the middle section, allowing you the option of separating the top part of the cage for the bottom in case you have ferrets that don’t get along!

With a price tag of $299.99 from Petsmart, this cage is costly, however it is definitely an investment and will be a cage that you will have for years and years! I always try to offset my ferret splurges with free toys; I use recycled dryer tubes, cardboard boxes and make my own hammocks and other toys. I was lucky to review the “improved” model which now includes cloth ramp covers. These are a MUST and I am happy they now offer this feature. If your cage does not come with these, make your own or buy them as they prevent against ferret legs and feet getting caught and possibly broken.

I’m still not sure who is happier with the new cage, me or my ferrets! They moved in yesterday and proceeded to rearrange everything not tied down and spent just as much time in the cage as out of it when I left the door open for free play time! If you are constantly on the lookout for the “best” pet products, the Ferret Nation 142 should be at the top of your list!

Item Specifications:

Size: 36"L x 25"W x 62.5"H
Bar Spacing: 1"
Wire Guage: 12-guage

The above post is a reflection of my own personal thoughts and ideas and do not represent those of Pet Smart.I was provided with the product to review but was not compensated for my opinion.

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