Review: HeatShift Netbook Cooler

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spending alot of time on her lap top for home and college related work, my daughter Erika was really finding that her lap top was heating up alot underneath. So, she was quite happy to have the opportunity to review the ThermaPAK HeatShift Netbook Cooler. She really liked it and it has made quite a difference. Now her friends want one too!

ThermaPAK’s patented HeatShift Technology begins working once the gadget is placed on the pad. Grooved channels optimize airflow while eco-friendly salt crystals absorb the heat from a laptop or iPad™, for example, and dissipate the heat to cooler areas of the pad by melting into a gel. When the device is cooled or no longer in use, the gel automatically converts back to a solid form.

She really likes the nice color it comes in too- making it quite "fashionable" for teens!

ThermaPAK HeatShift Netbook Cooler is the most advanced, convenient, and stylish solution against netbook heat. The HeatShift Netbook Cooler can sit right on your lap or on a table and begin to cool down your netbook better than any noisy, dusty, fan based USB cooling devices. It uses ThermaPAK's patented HeatShift Technology to cool quickly and effectively so that you prolong the life of your netbook and prevent your arms and legs from getting burned. It is made of safe eco-friendly cooling crystals that have been proven to lower netbook temperatures by more than 10 degrees. The award winning HeatShift Netbook Cooler cools the entire netbook while promoting air flow through the intricate grooved design. It requires no power, no refrigeration, and generates no noise. Quite the product!

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