Tuesday-March 1

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I just heard today that we are in for more cold weather here in my northern part of Canada,despite what the groundhog said in February. They say temps are colder than normal.No doubt! It was -41 with the windchill this morning, and didn't get much better all day.

Ria is back from Jamaica, although not quite home. She is in the city about 6 hours from here, with her boyfriend, and won't be able to catch a bus till Thursday before she finally arrives here late Thursday night. I can't wait to hear more about her trip and see pictures.

I booked a hall today for mid-April indoor sale ($25).I wanted to have it before Good Friday and before the end of April. As we want to collect some money for gas money to Calgary to pick Erika up from college. She will be taking her second year business/accounting closer to home next time.She originally left to move over 10 hours away because her boyfriend wanted to go play basketball there and go to school.They ended up renting a suite together.He quit his basketball, and finished his course before her and moved away from her. Needless to say- they aren't together anymore, but she is doing her best managing and we help when we can.She only recently got a job that pays minimum wage, so has been living off her loan- one that soon will run dry, and she's feeling the pinch, but only need to hold on just a couple more months.

I've started shopping for more dollar deals- keeping my eyes peeled for foods we can by for $1-$2 - helps to keep the food costs down, as I find food is such a big part of the spending. Our drugstore had a double coupon day a few days ago, yielding me with a few great freebies and good buys.

Hope your all having a good one and that your staying warm and safe.



  1. Just found your blog today and I'm looking forward to reading through your posts! I can sure relate to the temperatures... the weatherman said -32 for this morning, but a friend's thermometer read a good bit lower than that!!!

  2. Hi Karen-
    Nice to have you along!


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