March 21-Fragrance Day

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today our senses can celebrate all of the beautiful scents nature and beyond have to offer. The term fragrance almost always has positive connotations as our noses love to smell delightful scents. Men and Woman have been wearing cologne and perfume for centuries. However, both sexes preferring different scents for themselves. Women typically enjoy fruity or floral fragrances, while men usual sport spicier scents.

There are also a number of different fragrance products on the market today, including body mists, lotions, and the traditional perfumes. We should not forget about the home when it comes to celebrating the many fragrances available, because your home can don beautiful scents by the way of candles, plug-ins and sprays. So, be sure to treat yourself and your home to a special fragrance of your choice today.

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