Spring Home/Yard Improvements

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is a great time to consider improving your home. With everything full of life and color, your home, lawn and garden should be feeling the same. The great news is you can improve your home without breaking the budget.

Here are a few ways to update without splurging. Consider changing the hardware on your cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen. Or, try changing the light fixtures in any room for a new look, a ceiling fan would make a great addition to your living space as the weather warms up. Also, consider some fresh coats of paint. White paint is boring and can leave you feeling less than excited about a room in your home, but by adding a splash of color to your walls you will be able to boost your mood year round. If being stuck indoors this spring is not an option for you, you may want to consider making some improvements outside. Consider planting a garden, which can save you money on produce at the grocery store. You may also want to try a fresh coat of paint on your shutters, purchasing some new house numbers or even a new mail box. These simple tasks enhance the look of your home from the outside, and allow you to be outdoors.

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