Finding the Right Area Rug

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A new area rug can complete any room. Maybe you have hardwood floors and could not possibly see hiding their beauty with carpet, but you still feel like something is missing from your space. If you do not have an area rug then you are missing a key component to your room.
An area rug can really tie a room together, and can promote room separation at the same time. It can also offer comfort and warmth for play or lounging. A few things to think about when purchasing a rug are style, comfort and size. When it comes to style you want to find a rug that matches your room's motif, maybe a seagrass rug or a bamboo rug can match your beach or modern theme. Second, consider comfort. Is the rug inviting to walk on and does it make the space feel warmer? Finally, do not forget to measure. You will want to buy the right size rug for your space, neither too small or too big. You’ll be surprised how the right rug can make any room in your home feel complete.

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