18 Ways to Make Money Online That Actually Work

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making money online is more difficult than it seems. There are ads

everywhere promising you that the next best and greatest gadget,

system, website or program will make you rich. Yet, the reality is

that when you try and make money online with any of these programs you

end up disappointed and frustrated. Here are twenty eight ways that

you can make money online that actually work.

1. Use the internet as a way to generate leads for an offline

business. This is one of the best online money making methods. You

can set up a capture page and offer a free report or ebook that is of

interest to your target market and market it to your local audience

and then sell them offline on your business.

2. Offer a free ecourse on a topic that has heavy interest for your

target market and then upsell your subscribers on a paid product.

3. Use a combination of Google Adsense, button and banner ads on your

blog. Write a new post every day for the first few months and then two

or three times per week after that. Promote your blog on twitter and

with other social media sites to drive traffic.

4. Build a targeted email list of followers and create a relationship

with them and then sell them products but avoid overselling by selling

too many products.

5. Offer a paid series of teleseminars on a popular topic. Entice

people to subscribe by offering a free one first.

6. Offer a paid series of webinars and do a free launch one to

encourage subscribers.

7. Find some high quality products that you can sell as an affiliate.

Purchase the products yourself first so that you will know what you

are selling.

8. Start an ebay store with products that are popular but also that

are unique enough that ebay is not overrun with too many people

selling the same things.

9. Sell unique services that not very many people know how to do such

as custom facebook fan landing pages, attractive capture pages, and

other similar services.

10. Learn how to create graphics and sell graphic design services

including ebook covers, banners and twitter backgrounds.

11. Use the internet to generate leads for a network marketing

business or any other business with a national or international target


12. Create an ebook and offer the first few pages for free and then

upsell people on the whole ebook.

13. Create a DVD with videos showing people who to do something that

is in high demand.

14. Sell audio CDS of you teaching how to do popular topics.

15. Create a home study workbook course on a topic of interest to your

target audience.

16. Present a live seminar and sell tickets online. Then record it

and sell copies online.

17. Create several high quality squidoo lenses and sell products on them.

18. Sell products in an online store. Make sure that your products are

unique enough to draw an audience and popular enough that you can get

enough traffic.

AnnaLaura Brown has been marketing online for over 5 years. She

specializes in social media and in helping people start their own

online business. Grab your own free social media mastery kit at

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