The $4,000 Wedding

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is a  true story by Brisbane Bride -Lisa M.

For Lisa and husband Alex, spending big on a wedding was not a top priority. The couple have four beautiful children and Lisa was not about to spend every moment and every penny on her wedding. She set out to organise a beautiful event on a budget of $4000 – and she succeeded! Here are Lisa’s top tips to the perfect wedding on the tiniest budget!

Think about the skills you have and how you can use them in trade. Lisa’s husband is a mechanic and traded car servicing for use of beautiful cars from the local car club.

Don’t ask for gifts, ask for help with the wedding plans. Lisa’s brother in law’s mother in law (think that one through) is a cake decorator so Lisa received her wedding cake as a wedding gift. Her sister in law is a florist and put together the flowers for the day. Her mother sews and did all the bridesmaids dresses.

Utilise your local hang outs. Lisa and her husband used their local restaurant for a convenient and relaxed reception. The manager gave them “mate’s rates” and they decorated it beautifully, making for lovely wedding photos. The reception cost just $2500 for 115 guests! No, not $25 000, just $2500 and that included beer and wine and a delicious buffet!

Lisa says to buy your decorations on ebay, they’ll be cheaper because you can buy in bulk from the manufacturer – and you can be sure they will all match perfectly.

Don’t pay the price on the label for your wedding dress. Often these prices are greatly over inflated and you will find the exact same dress at half the price at the company’s outlet store. Lisa paid just $500 for her dress, less than half the price at the trendy main location. Be careful buying dresses on ebay as you may find your purchase doesn’t fit or is not what you ordered. With something as important as the dress, make sure you can try before you buy!

Go for bulk where you can. Lisa knew of other newly weds and made a “bulk deal” with a photographer, getting perfectly beautiful wedding photos at a heavily discounted rate (which was then gifted to them by the other newly weds.)

Alex and his groomsmen hired their suits. Really, how often is your man going to wear a tux? Not often before this one goes right out of style that’s for sure.

For the attendants Lisa bought quality jewellery and flasks on Ebay. They weren’t cheap but they were extremely good value for the price. Search Ebay for meaningful gift ideas and you will be surprised just how much is out there and how good the prices can be – especially if you are buying multiple items.

And her last and most important tip, don’t give yourself too long to plan your wedding or you will spend too much time finding ways to spend too much money. Lisa had a wonderful, memorable, beautiful affair, with just six months planning.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have the wedding of your dreams. Lisa and Alex didn’t and their memories and photos are personal, beautiful and special and they won’t start their married life in debt – how’s that for the best day of your life?

Author Dana Flannery would like to thank Lisa for sharing the story of her wedding day. To read more of Dana’s work, visit at Proud Media

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