The Baby Formula Budget-Ways to Save

Friday, May 21, 2010

Although my girls are older now, I still remember the high cost of baby formula.( I wasn't a breast feeder- and if you aren't either and would like to save money on the baby formula budget, read on.)
I know a few times my girls were sick with the baby formula they tried, so the cans I did have left over either were returned to the store if I kept the receipt or turned over to the food bank.

-This gives one the option of trying Freecyle. Search for baby formula unusable to someone or put in your request. Maybe someone has had a baby and can't use the formula they originally bought,anymore. It's worth a try to advertise.

-Evaporated milk is a cheaper option and is used alot by the aboriginal people of the north, where I live. I know it was used back in the day as well, before formula came into the picture. A cheaper option.

-Check with drugstores or supermarkets to see if they have a Baby Club. You might sign up to recieve coupons, discounts or free samples.

-Call the # on the can you already have. Ask if they have coupons they can send you on a regular basis- be added to their mailing list.
                                                                                        - Check the prices with the prices may be cheaper if you buy from there and you may be able to qualify for free shipping depending on the size of your order.

                                                                                         - Ask your doctor or free clinic for samples. Ask and you shall recieve.

                                                                                         -Buy store brand.It's worth it if your saving money, baby likes it, and it meets the FDA guidelines.


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  2. The store brand at the wholesale clubs is a great way too. We use the BJ's brand formula. One can lasts us two weeks and costs 20.00. Before we paid 14.00 each week for one can of formula.

  3. Your mention of evaporated milk reminded me that that was what we fed our babies mixes with water and corn syrup!!N0 wonder we had chubby babies.

  4. Water, corn syrup and a powder? Wow- not good-the corn syrup is so high sugar...

  5. I have a friend that called her local hospital. They had a ton of formula that was going to expire in the next month or two and no babies due! They were so happy to give it away instead of throwing it away and told her to call back in a few months! She uses so much (she had twins) that she was able to use it all before it expired and it was FREE!

  6. Another great idea- thank you for sharing!


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